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Autumn Home Picks

Sunday, October 7, 2018

We plan on moving next year, so this year I have been really focused on buying pieces that I really like and will look amazing in our new house. Anything that doesn’t seem right or I really didn’t like in the first place is being donated as we replace the items. Along with this, I have been organizing and decluttering every room of our current house. I’ve been getting rid of everything we don’t need and then cleaning and organizing what we have decided to keep. Every time I think I’m done, I end up starting over, section by section.

Last time I did one of these, I said that I had only just begun to get a sense of my home-style and was excited to start decorating. I have picked up a few new pieces of furniture. We got our bed off the floor and bough a simple modern metal bed frame on Amazon (pictured below, taken from Amazon), if your interested you can find it here.

Little baskets and bins have been my lifesaver. I’ve particularly been obsessed with the Ikea Skubb Storage Case (pictured below, taken from Ikea). I bought two of the medium and one small. I love that they just slide under the bed and can’t really be seen. I keep extra linens and seasonal linens in them. You can order them online from Ikea (Small, Medium) or pick them up in the store. If you don’t have an Ikea near you, they sell them on Amazon (Small, Medium) in a two pack!

Target has been really using their game in the last couple years. I feel like they are trying harder to come out with good quality items that are still trendy. I love their new lines Project 62 and Made By Design, as well as their collaborations Hearth & Hand with Magnolia and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen.

I love all the brown and yellow tones this year. There are some really great Autumn decor pieces out right now. I love the look of a Eucalyptus wreath, like this one from West Elm with Stacked Pumpkins outside a front door. This season I am preferring diffusing oils to burning candles. I’m not buying new candles, and lets be honest nothing with replace Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle. Oils such as Orange and Clove are perfect for the Autumn season.

I love finding more and more pieces that not only work where we currently live, but also in the new place. I can picture how everything will look together in our new house and I can’t wait to find new pieces. Shop the items I mentioned and more below!