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Top Homeware Picks This Month!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lately, I've been really obsessed with homeware. After breaking my ankle, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and most of the items I pinned were homeware. Now that I can hobble around (read about my journey here and here!), I've been going through different rooms of our house, one-by-one, getting rid of things that we really just don't need anymore and organizing what we've decided to keep. We tend to have the habit of holding on to useless things.

I feel like I have only just begun to get a sense of my home-style and am ready to start decorating. We have moved around a ton! This is the first place that has really felt like home, and the first place that I actually want to start hanging some stuff on the walls! I have a more clean, minimalist sense of style. I don't like too much clutter and I like items that serve a purpose. As I search for items to decorate my house, I thought I would share some of my favorite items I have found!

Life Update: I'm Healed!

Sunday, September 3, 2017
I wanted this to be my next post, so unfortunately it has been awhile since I have posted! 

I broke my fibula on the 22nd of May. I went to my orthopedic doctor this week, had x-rays, and found out that I am completely healed. He said that he likes the way everything healed and didn’t see any signs of arthritis in my ankle. I was using the ASO ankle brace and found that it was causing some bruising on my foot. After telling the orthopedic doctor this, he gave me an ankle compression sleeve with gel padding on both sides of the ankle for support. This has made such a huge difference in the way my ankle feels. It also makes my shoes fit better.