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I'm on a boat! (or rather, a ship)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A few weeks ago, my mom and I flew to Florida to visit my sister who is in the Navy. My mom boarded a plane in California to meet me in Phoenix, where we would make the rest of the flights together. I can't say it was my best flying experience. It was my first time flying US Airways (I usually fly southwest but had a voucher for a free flight!), and they really know how to drag out flights. What normally is about a six hour flight, turned into an all day thing!

My sister's ship was changing home ports and we wanted to visit her before she gets deployed -- for a year! We got to Florida the day before her ship was supposed to come in so we could watch it pull into port. We had no idea how long it takes to pull a huge ship in, we ended up having to move the car so we could watch from the air-conditioning inside. That humidity is a killer!

Not even a quarter of the amount of people that came to watch the ships come in

After watching her ship pull in, we went back to the hotel. We were told we weren't going to see her much, but we were just happy to be near if she was able to get time off. An hour later, we got a phone call telling us to come back to the ship. My sister took us on a tour of her ship, she took us everywhere including showing us the flight deck, control, her barracks, her shop, and ended with us grabbing a late lunch with her on the ship. I have to give that girl props, I could barely make it down all of those stairs -- not because I was out of shape (which I am), but because the steps were so narrow and the stairs were so steep! The stairs to the flight deck actually went out over the ocean. Scary.

Different views from the flight deck

We stayed on the ship long after the rest of the families had left, just following her around and learning about all of the things she gets to do and what she is in charge of. It was already after six when we found out she had duty and we would have to leave the ship soon. When she was walking us  to the steps to get off the ship it had started pouring so bad we couldn't see our car. The picture doesn't do it justice. While she went off to work, we were stuck on the ship waiting for the rain to calm down. It ended up being a good thing, because on our way out two MP's gave us free Domino's pizza!

The view from where we waited out the storm.

The next day, luckily, my sister's chief felt bad that we had come from across the country to see her (other people's family lived in Florida), so he gave her four days off! We were so happy because our trip was only for five days.

I didn't take too many pictures after that first day. Photographing my life is still new to me and I don't naturally remember to take my camera out to take pictures of what I am doing or eating. On our third day in Florida, I got extremely bad allergies and ended up spending most of the day in bed. I was so bummed because we had planned to go to the beach that day. I made it out of the house to do some shopping and grab dinner. I did manage to take a picture of dessert, because lets be real... it was red velvet cheesecake.

I may not have taken a ton of pictures, but we were just so happy to be able to see each other and hang out. We did lots of shopping and eating.

Overall, it was a great trip. I don't know why I get sick every time I go to Florida, but I am still really glad I went. I loved being able to see my sister, and have a mini-vacation just the three of us. I am going to miss her so much, but I am so proud of all that she is doing.